GreenWorks 25142 10 Amp Corded 16-Inch Lawn MowerPicking a lawn mower shouldn’t be that hard. In fact, you can easily choose based on who will be mowing your lawn. If you are one of those buff dads who plan on doing the chore yourself then you can easily push about a big scary lawn mower that could cover a big area in a short time. However, if, like most parents, you plan on relegating the chore to teach your teen-age children about responsibility then Greenworks 25142 electric lawn mower is the one for you. Here several reasons why this lawn mower is something you should consider:

Greenworks 25142 – Ease of Use

Most of the people who have chosen the Greenworks 25142 model, chose it because of its weight. It’s easy to lug around and set on your lawn. Anyone in your family, even your gangliest teenager, can carry it to your backyard and easily maneuver it. At 37.5 Greenworks 25142 Electric Lawn Mower Reviewpounds, this compact machine belies the power that it has without dragging the person operating it. Even kids children will be able to operate. Naturally, I wouldn’t recommend that unless the kid is under supervision of adults.

That being said, this is undoubtedly one of the lightest one in the market. It gives you mobility and convenience.


Actually, there’s almost no assembly required. You only need less than five minutes to remove the lawn mover from the box and tighten the knobs on the handle and you’re ready to start mowing. No complicated analytical thinking required, and because it’s electric, you just plug and it’s assured to work.


Given its size, Greenworks 25142 is ideally for smaller lawns, gardens and backyards. It packs a punch but it only has a 16” cutting width capability. This means that it can take you forever to mow if your lawn is as big as the one at the White House. It doesn’t mean that Greenworks doesn’t have the power to mow big lawns. It will simply take longer. It is really built for smaller lawns.

However, it also means that the lawn mover is small enough to reach narrow and hard to reach spaces. Another thing is that even if the grass catcher bag is rather small, the Greenworks 25142 lawn mower cuts the grass finely that it you’d surprised how much space you can cover without having to empty the bag. If your lawn has spaces that are difficult to mow, then the Greenworks 25142 is the lawn mower for you.

Pleasant to use

Greenworks clearly had specific people in mind when this lawn mower was designed. From its compact design to its soft-padded handles, clearly the goal is to make the chore as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. Aside from giving you a soft handle to grip, you can also easily adjust the height of the handle. You can pull it up and down and even adjust the angle. The ability to change the angle is a big thing if you have a senior living in your house. The

Finally, because the lawn mower is electric, even the noise it creates is reduced into soft humming sounds. It will not create the usual noise you hear from other lawnmower. You will still be able to hear someone who is talking at a normal voice even while mowing the lawn.


Given that Greenworks 25142 is pleasant to look at, with its hip and bright green and white colors the lawn mover is also quite easy to put away. It’s already compact, but for storage purposes, it can even be folded down to take up even less space.

Durability and warranty

Greenworks 25142 electric lawn mower maybe lightweight and can be made into even more compact size. However, this doesn’t mean it’s fragile. It’s actually pretty sturdy, some satisfied customers even attested their Greenworks lawn mowers survive rocks and pebbles. Still, despite its high quality and general reliability, Greenworks 25142 comes with a generous 4-year warranty and repair.

Loving the environment

The best thing about the Greenworks 25142 lawn mower is that it doesn’t need gas. This means that you don’t have to waste gas and pollute the air. Using this lawn mower not only moves you up the list of eco-friendly people, you can also win your neighbors back with its silence.

Greenworks 25142 More bang for your buck

With the Greenworks 25142, you get efficiency, comfort, convenience and perfectly mowed lawn. Sure get a smaller one, but given its price and the fact that the lawn would be mowed then it’ safe to say this wonderful Greenworks 25142 electric lawn mower is worth every penny.